Credit, Copyright & Acknowledgement

All ingredients listed within these pages are taken from the manufacturer’s website (if available) or copied from the actual packaging. I try to reference all claims by linking the source within the actual review.

Images marked with “my forever young” is owned by the author. Various other images used on this blog (such as buttons and emotes) not created by the author are credited below.

sclingerman-timestandstill-swirl artist unknown  mandp mortar & pestle (clipart gallery) 

tiny_heart_emoticon_by_gasara-d79d7v1 Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara  37eb693aab639dad71cd8a5e525aec01 Angel Emote by Time042  starrr artist unknown

tumblr_lm6pryCe8x1qfoi4t date.gif mail2 gif25 from Pixel-Soup


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