About Me

I’m a tired mom, a graduate student, and a displaced Californian in the midst of a midlife crisis. For the last few years I’ve been virtually make-up free and devoid of skincare anything. Recently, I woke up, stared at a mirror and found wrinkles. Now I’m swimming in a sea of products.

This blog serves as a personal diary of all the skincare products I love and tried. I am not paid or compensated by any of the products or companies that I’ve written about. Because of this, I look for affordable skincare products that I can continue to use. I’m specifically looking for products that’s compatible with my sensitive combination skin. 3 skincare lines I’m interested in are:



  • anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
  • moisturizing
  • blemish care

I’m basically looking for the fountain of youth! It’s interesting to note that yes, I’m looking for all three things at the same time. I have blemishes, wrinkles and during winter, my face is extremely dry.