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imageReview: RoseRoseShop (seller name: rubyruby76 roseroseshop)

Note: The original seller of South Korean skincare products based in S.Korea was initially known with the eBay ID: rubyruby76. She then opened an independent shop named RoseRoseShop, but kept her original eBay handle for a few months. Copycat eBay sellers took advantage of her initial popularity, naming their stores with the name RubyRuby. She has since changed her eBay ID to match her online store. If you’re new to the Korean skincare scene, and looking to buy on eBay, note that the original seller is RoseRoseShop. Ignore all the other claims that their shop was the original – all you have to do is compare the number of reviews and the date when the account was open (by clicking on the eBay seller ID) to determine who the real seller is.

Standard shipping with tracking number via Korea Post. date.gif processing 1 day mail2 delivery 5 business days gif25 order time frame 6 business days  balaozinho22

5-0-star-rating (5/5 stars) I’ve heard a lot about RoseRoseShop and decided to purchase some products from their eBay store. They offered competitive prices – cheaper than their online store. I was sold. However, I’m always hesitant to purchase from new vendors because 1) I’m worried about buying old stock and 2) I’ve been biten by extremely high import costs and no discount is worth the ridiculous amount I could be charged. This is why I prefer regular shipping without tracking. I expected this shipment to be sent economy mail (no tracking), but I apparently didn’t read the fine print: they provide tracking to all orders over $45. This means I had to pick up the package in person – I held my breath while the clerk struggled with entering the info into the computer! But no charge, thank goodness!

imagePackaging: The products came in a brown cardboard box with an extra inner layer of cardboard for maximum thickness. Each item was individually wrapped in bubble wrap, with the glass item wrapped twice. No packing slip was included (extra thoughtful of them)!

Product: Each product was in excellent, gift-giving quality. The boxes they came in were immaculate. The products inside seem absolutely perfect. The best part – they’re newly manufactured! The Innisfree products are a little older than when I buy directly from the manufacturer, but with the discounted price, it’s so worth it! Note: The shelf life of unopened Korean skincare products is 30 months. I’ve listed the manufacturer/expiration dates below:

  • Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (Intensive) – Manufactured date (제조): 2016-01-22
  • Innisfree Soybean Firming Neck Cream – Expiration date (까지): 2019-01-17
  • Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum – Expiration date (까지): 2018-11-30

Samples: They state that they don’t offer samples, but I chanced on asking for samples anyway (in the comment section). I got 3 sample sachets of Neulii, RoseRoseShop’s newly launched skincare line. Plus the customary $1 gift card that’s included with all Korean skincare purchases. All 3 samples are serums: Snail bee (anti-wrinkle); Tea tree BHA (blemish control); Aloe BHA (soothing).

In conclusion, I’m thrilled with my first RRS order! The shipment, packaging, and price, far exceeds my usual YesStyle orders. I’m so happy with the quality, that I may no longer have to send products to my mom to ship to me anymore. This is a game changer! tiny_heart_emoticon_by_gasara-d79d7v1



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