Haul: Innisfree Anti-aging

imageMy haul from Innisfree Global’s 1-year anniversary! I received this a little while ago, but I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had the chance to post about it. I’ve been eyeing their essences for awhile and when it went on sale, I just couldn’t resist – I bought 2! It also came with a Soybean Energy Special Kit, which includes sample sized versions (perfect for travel) of both types of essences, in addition to a soybean finish cream. It was such a good deal! I was also really intrigued by their repair cream and scooped one up as well. So far I’ve only used their original essence and I haven’t tried the repair cream just yet. I want to use the essence for a little longer before I add another product into the mix.

Here’s what I got, plus first impressions:

  1. Soybean Energy Essence 150ml (x 2)  – balaozinho22 Love
  2. Perfect 9 Repair Cream 60ml
  3. Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam 300ml – Restocking a product I already tumblr_lm6pryCe8x1qfoi4t This size is HUUUGE!
  4. Canola Honey Lip Balm – Intensive Moisture 3.5g – Meh!

Plus freebies:

  1. Soybean Energy Essence Special Kit (x2)
    • Soybean Energy Essence 15ml
    • Soybean Energy Essence Light 15ml
    • Soybean Finish Cream 10ml
  2. Capsule Recipe Pack – Strawberry Yogurt 10ml
  3. Skin Clinic Mask – Hyaluronic Acid 20ml
  4. Jeju Volcanic Pore Essence [Travel size] 5ml
  5. Jeju Bija Anti-trouble Skin [Travel size] 10ml
  6. Jeju Bija Anti-trouble Lotion [Travel size] 10ml
  7. Soybean Firming Finish Cream [Travel size] 5ml
  8. Soybean Firming Neck Cream [Travel size] 5ml
  9. Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence [Travel size] 4ml



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