Nuigurumax on eBay

imageReview: Nuigurumax (seller name: realare)

5-0-star-rating (5/5 stars) I want to take this opportunity to profess my love for this eBayer! It’s really difficult to get reliable imports into my part of the world, which makes her service and professionalism so much more invaluable! Although I have family that lives in Japan, I much prefer ordering products from her because I know it will arrive fast and securely.

I chanced upon her store while looking for a travel sized Hada Labo Gokujyun set (she was the only one selling it). My order came very quickly (for economy shipping). The item itself was immaculate; wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a box. It even came with an Origami heart receipt!

imageI have since ordered the larger versions of 3 out of the 4 products the travel set came with (minus the cleansing oil), and everything was as carefully packaged; individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed neatly inside a brown box with her signature Origami heart receipt. Her prices may not be the cheapest, but shipping is free and her service is phenomenal. She’s based in Fukuoka, Japan and is open for requests – so if you’re looking for a particular Japanese item, send her a message. I can not recommend her enough! tumblr_lm6pryCe8x1qfoi4t

Items were shipped as uninsured parcels via Japan Post Economy Air (SAL).  date.gif processing 1 day mail2 delivery 9 days gif25 order time frame 10 days  balaozinho22


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