Sheet Masks 50% Off

Colourful hanging sales tags with optional transparent shadowI went to sleep last night knowing that Innisfree was having a 50% off sale on their sheet masks. They’re supposed to be Korea’s No.1 Sheet Mask. I’ve tried a few of their masks before I started this diary and I really like them – they’re mild and moisturizing. So I bought a set for my best friend to try and called it a night. Everything was in stock, so I must have just caught the start of their 3-day sale. I honestly would have given in to the temptation if I hadn’t found a customs and VAT fee calculator and realized I’d pay more in import fees than the price of the order!

Fast forward to this morning. I may or may not have a few more sheet masks to hold me over this winter 37eb693aab639dad71cd8a5e525aec01 But at 60¢ a sheet, I just couldn’t resist! One slightly annoying thing is that I can’t seem to enter a promo code. But with the reduced shipping fees (also 50% off), it’s a steal! I ended up getting 30 masks for $18 + $7.25 for DHL (fast shipping) for a total of $25.25. That’s still less than a dollar a mask. My order may even get to hitch a ride in grandma’s upcoming care package (thanks, mom!) if there’s room.

When I purchased these this morning, a few varieties were already sold out, but it looks like they’ve since restocked. I think these were worth making a small exception to my vow of not buying anymore skincare products – especially since it’s quickly cooling down and my skin is getting so dry! The 50% off sale is only for 3 days (Sept 7-9).

I realize that it’s really starting to look like I promote Innisfree – with all this talk about their products, I probably should be getting paid for it! But sadly, I’m just a new customer (with sensitive skin) in love with the quality of their products. 


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