Etude House Collagen Cream Promo

moistfulltumblr_lm6ovviidy1qfoi4t UPDATE: After analyzing the ingredients in this newly formulated version, I’m no longer interested in buying it and do not recommend it. Details to follow.

I’m gearing up for fall and winter weather and have been looking for facial creams to help combat the dryness. Etude House Global is having a special on their New Moistfull Collagen Cream. It’s their newly reformulated version and it comes with a 4 piece travel sized kit. Sales are so hard to resist! But since I’ve officially banned myself from buying anymore skincare products (especially since I was already b-day gifted the original version of this cream) I thought to share this promo here in case anyone’s interested.

I haven’t bought anything from Etude House directly, so I don’t know how long it takes for them to process orders, but they do ship internationally and they often have sales and promos. Now I’m really looking forward to getting that birthday gift!


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