Do I need an oil cleanser?

There seems to be a lot of interest in the double cleanse method. It’s essentially using an oil based cleanser to first remove your make-up, then following up with a normal cleanser to clean your skin. Although this method is relatively new to the West, women have been double-cleansing for years in Asia. Everyone seems to be writing about the benefits of double cleansing (such as Vogue and Yahoo! Beauty). Soko Glam even provides a detailed tutorial. Everyone seems to agree on the benefits, but is it really necessary for someone that doesn’t wear heavy make-up?

hadaI tried 2 different oil cleansers: Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil and Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic. The Hada Lado Cleansing Oil came with my travel set and the Banila Co. Clean It Zero came with the Best of the Best Kit.

The Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil is from their moisturizing line, which contains Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a clear liquid, that’s light, not thick. The consistency is similar to their lotion in the same line. It’s like a thin baby oil that easily spreads. There’s no fragrance or colors. As impressed as I was with the rest of the Gokujyun line, I wasn’t impressed with their oil cleanser – mainly because I don’t use make-up and I don’t “see” the benefits of using an oil. By seeing, I mean I don’t actually see the make-up come off. I only regularly use sunscreen and a light powder, so nothing actually comes off.

cleaneitI was starting to wonder if that extra step is even worthwhile for me, but I figured I’ll give the double-cleansing a second try with Banila Co’s Clean It Zero, credited as holy grail status by a lot of double-cleansing enthusiasts. This product kind of looks like a lip balm, but the consistency is light and airy – it doesn’t even feel like it’s there. It glides on leaving a non-greasy layer (it looks closer to a moisturizer than an oil). It’s very lightly scented and the texture is just kind of wonderful to use. However, I still don’t “see” the benefits! Because I use sunscreen, I know that using a oil cleanser is probably better for me, but honestly, I’m skipping it.

So to answer my own question: No, I don’t think an oil cleanser is necessary for me. If I regularly used make-up, I know that my answer would be different. I also know which brand I prefer (Banila Co’s Clean It Zero is heavenly), but for now, I am happy to skip at least one step in my skincare routine.


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