Birthday & Promo Code

imageToday’s the day I’ve been bracing myself for … it’s my birthday! The day hasn’t even started yet and so far, it’s been wonderful. I’m a lucky girl! I have my health and a loving family. Although this diary is dedicated to skincare products, they are what’s really important.

To any young and single readers that’s happened to come across this – here’s some free advice from an old lady: the secret to a happy life is choosing the right person to share it with. Pick the one that lets you be yourself – it might not be the person that you’ll buy crazy skincare products for, but it’ll be the person you’ll laugh with over crazy skincare products!

But enough of that! I woke up to an email from Innisfree – it’s their site’s 1-year anniversary! I’ve been eyeing their Soybean Energy Essence and it’s currently on special with a free gift (travel size kit). I’ve been doing a lot of research on essences and convinced myself that I need one! I originally narrowed it down to Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence and the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence. I was already leaning towards the Innisfree because Missha apparently changed their formula this year (leaving a lot of dedicated customers angry). But with this special, I’m jumping right in! I’ve also been eyeing their Perfect 9 Repair Cream and that’s on special, too! It’s the perfect sale for anyone in the market for wrinkle prevention and anti-aging products! tiny_heart_emoticon_by_gasara-d79d7v1

The Deal: (with a 20% discount code: INNISFREEDC20)

  • $32 (original price for just the essence: $40) Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence (150 ml) + 2 travel sized bottles original & light (15 ml ea) + Soybean Energy Finish Cream (20 ml)
  • $38 (original price for just the cream: $55) Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Cream (60 ml) + Capsule Recipe Pack (Strawberry Yogurt). *The extra 20% doesn’t stack with this special.

Although I mentioned that I’ll never buy directly from Innisfree again, this is actually my 3rd purchase from them (the 2nd purchase was a gift to my mom). I really like their products and I’ll continue to buy them, I just can’t have them shipped directly to me. This purchase will tag along with a care package my mom is sending. Having said that, this will be my last skincare splurge for a while! Life is starting to get busy again and I’ll be focusing more on other things, but I’ll continue trying out the products I already have – all the while documenting my journey here in this diary. Thanks for reading!


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