Pinkey Blackhead Off & Moisture Nose Mask

pinkey2Review: Pinkey Blackhead Off & Moisture Nose Mask

4-0-star-rating (4/5 stars) I originally bought this for my husband. It was cheap and I’ve been curious to try a peel-off type blackhead mask. Being able to apply it to specific problem spots is a huge plus, especially since he has facial hair – less waste.

I honestly wasn’t impressed the first time I used it on him. It didn’t remove enough blackheads. The fact that it lacks a sturdy backing means that it’s too pliable to be able to support a proper pull. I figured it wasn’t strong enough to do the job. But he really seemed to like it! I put it aside and crossed it off as something that doesn’t really work, but it was worth a shot anyway (it was super affordable). A few weeks later, I decided to use it myself. This time I did it properly with a newly cleansed face. Omg! It it’s really strong! It pulled out the tiny hairs on my face and blackheads on my forehead that I didn’t even know existed! It’s so strong that I’m afraid to use it as often because it really strips off a good layer of dead skin.

However, there’s still the issue with removing blackheads (especially on the nose). I still feel that it’s too pliable to be able to get a good grip. Without a sturdy backing, like nose strips, it doesn’t take off as many blackheads. But it may be the nature of a liquid blackhead mask (I don’t know since this is the first one that I’ve tried). For me, the real benefit of this product is how it makes my skin feel. My husband said he liked it and now I know why. My skin feels baby smooth afterwards. It also looks better and there’s not even a hint of irritation on my sensitive skin.

The ingredients are somewhat of a mystery: the back of the tube includes instructions in English, but there are no ingredients listed. Regardless, it’s such a bargain that I’ll definitely buy it again.

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