Order of Posts

To keep things orderly, I’ve decided to only post a review after giving it an adequate amount of time for me to access how compatible it is with my skin type. That usually means trying it enough for me to feel confident in either adding it into my arsenal or skipping it entirely. If it makes my skin itch, breakout, or cause redness or discomfort, it’s automatically tossed aside. 

Once I really like something, I usually stick to it. I’m pretty devoted to my Tried & True. This is one of the reasons why I choose products that are reasonably priced – I figure if I’m starting from scratch, it makes more sense to try all the well reviewed, modestly priced items first. But once I find something that works – it’s checked it off the list and my search ends. Unlike other blogs that review products endlessly, this diary is backed with a mission. So if I’m extremely lucky, this will be a very short diary.

With that, I’ll direct you to my current state of sampling. The stuff I’m trying, but haven’t tried enough to actually post a review. Hop over to the Daily and Nightly routine section for details.


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