Mini Haul: YesStyle

This is my first YesStyle order and also my first order of Asian skincare products online. Although I’ve tried quite a few Korean products during my time in South Korea (plus the occasional goodies given by friends since then) I never took it seriously. In the past, I’ve only used Korean skincare products for the occasional, once in a blue moon pampering. I’ve since forgotten what I’ve tried, so I’ll start fresh here:

  • imageHolika Holika – Pig-Nose Clear 3-step Kit
  • Pinkey – Blackhead Off & Moisture Nose Mask
  • Farm Stay – Visible Difference Mask Sheets (Aloe)
  • Innisfree – Capsule Recipe Pack (Jeju Volcano* restock)
  • Blackhead Tweezer

5-0-star-rating (5/5 stars) YesStyle Order Summary: Excellent! My order was packaged inside a box covered with plastic. All the items were in perfect condition. International shipping was quick and convenient. I’m definitely buying from them again!

date.gif processing 10 days mail2 delivery 9 days gif25 order time frame 19 days balaozinho22



2 thoughts on “Mini Haul: YesStyle

    1. But I have greater chance of getting lucky with them saying it’s a “shirt” worth $5! Lol. The tariff I paid at Innisfree cost half the price of the actual order! 😦


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